Ode to a Sandwich

Though I’ve spent months visiting and covering the Tenderloin, it only took living in the neighborhood a couple months to have one of my ultimate vices turn in to a full-blown addiction. And, NO I’m not talking about crack.

Saigon Sandwich

Just another day sitting at the only seat inside Saigon Sandwich on Larkin St. (between Turk and Eddy)

Specifically, the vision behind all of my drool filled quests has been the delicious bahn mi from Saigon Sandwich, on the corner of Larkin and Kearny.

Any protesters who shy away at the sight of a hole-in-the-wall sandwich shop, literally the size of matchbox need simply refer to the 1,200 reviews and 4.5 star rating on Yelp and know that this is not the sort of place “Yelpers” usually frequent. Oh, and be prepared to yell your order from 3 feet outside the door. (To know the menu in advance, read on…)

Paying at Saigon

One of the owners of Saigon Sandwich. Note all the delicious sweets they have in front.

After being out of the country for nearly a month, the entirety of the next week was spent eating more Saigon Sandwiches than I care to put in numbers. In fact I eat them so fast that every time I swear I’ll snap a photo… it’s gone. So if you ever want to see this elusive bahn mi, you’ll have to get your own.

Vietnamese desserts

Vietnamese desserts... yum.

I have tried the entire menu, which consists only of four flavors: Pork (roast or steamed), Tofu, Chicken and Pate’. My favorite by far is the Roast pork, which picks up on the flavors of cilantro and carrot perfectly, all on a fresh baked roll. At $3, you cannot argue, and won’t find anything better for less than $7.

The following is a link to a Broke Ass Stuart blog post on “10 things to see in the Tenderloin” It begins with human shit and ends with Saigon Sandwich. You have to love a list that can go from one end to the other quite literally.


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