Freq Lab Recording

Running a business in the TL can be tough. Recording out of one of the world’s most renowned homes of music, Hyde Street Studios. I sat down last week to talk with Zach Phillips and Brian DeLizza, about what its like to operate as business in the belly of the loin. As joint business partners of Freq Lab Recording, operating at Hyde Street, they deal with the struggle to bring in clientèle and keep unwanted business out, and keep down the ever-pressing issue of defecation at their doorstep.

If it isn’t enough for you that the Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin and Creedence Clearwater all recorded most of their albums here, did I mention 2pac? Heiroglyphics? The array of musical genius that has unleashed under the rooftop of 245 Hyde Street still reverberates from the walls.

I have updated the audio file on the website. Due to technical issues with Soundcloud, I was unable to access and upload this intended/edited version.


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