The Tenderloin is burning!

Firefighters try to quench the flames coming from the burning building on Hyde St.

Firefighters stand on the neighboring roof, still working to quench the smoldering ash coming from 845 Hyde St.

A four alarm fire at 845 824 Hyde Street early this morning displaced 75 residents and with three residents suffering from smoke inhalation, according to initial reports from the Tenderblog, ABC and KRON 4 News. It seems that while 845 Hyde has been completely destroyed, it also burned and damaged two adjacent buildings. The Tenderblog has some good images of the initial blaze and people watching the fire from the street.

I didn’t arrive on the scene until 9a.m. but firefighters were still working to contain the smoldering building which looked completely gutted from Sutter street, and was completely black with every window busted out of the front on Hyde St.

A local resident whose apartment is adjacent to the rear of the building said that he woke up around 5:10 to an apartment glowing with orange light. He said he called the fire department at 5:13, though initial reports from dispatchers said they received the call around 5:20.

Well, 7 minutes might not be much, but it sure makes a difference when all the neighbors and residents I spoke to watching the aftermath from outside said the place went up like a matchstick. The resident who said he called at 5:13 told me within three minutes of him grabbing his personal belongings the fire went from the the first to the fourth floor.

He said, “I thought about that older lady I know lives in the back apartment on the first floor, and I hoped she got out OK. The fire escapes were just twisted pieces of metal on the side of the building.”

Several residents also seemed to speculate on the “suspicious” nature of the blaze, particularly its fast pace, although official reports have not been released stating the cause.

The pipe that burst on the corner of Sutter and Hyde flooded Ace’s, the floorboards were ripped out and stacked up outside the building. The owner at Sutter Fine Foods seemed to be his usual calm self, still open for business, despite an inch of water covering every part of the floor, another employee steadily sweeping streams out onto the sidewalk.

This all comes after a fire last week at 550 Leavenworth, where a man was arrested on suspicion of arson.

Red Cross is providing assistance to residents at nearby St. Francis Memorial, and my thoughts are with all of the neighbors affected by this fire.

Firefighters prepare to escort a group of displaced residents from a neighboring building.

More updates to come…


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