Why would anyone want to start a media business?

It’s the death rattle heard ‘round the world: “Print is dead”. Luckily media today isn’t just the stuff you use to line your bird cage—it’s alive, well and on Twitter. New ways of distributing information, through Smart phones, tablets and eBooks present an opportunity for unconventional thinking—a chance to experiment and shape the media we’ll wake up using tomorrow.

And since I too refuse to pound the drum at my own funeral, I am taking a class called Entrepreneurial Journalism at NYU this semester with Adam Penenberg. Each of us in the class has been tasked with creating a plan for a media start-up. The term “media” here is defined loosely, since our main goal is learn how to organize and develop an idea for a business into a tangible plan. At the end of the course, we’ll pitch our business ideas to a panel of venture capitalists and entrepreneurs. Over the course of the semester, I’ll keep this blog up to date on the latest developments with my own start-up as well as post inspirations, thoughts and problems I run into along the way. If you’ve got an idea or comment during the process please share, I’d like to get as much feedback as I can.

Right now my brain is buzzing with ideas for media start-ups, but I’m struggling to reign it all in and not feel too overwhelmed. It’s intimidating to think of developing anything remotely like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest—but relieving to know that failure is the only route to success. Especially since I plan on it.

My personal goal is to come up with an idea that I can continue to develop after the course is finished. At first I was trying to start small, but now my focus is on simple. I want an idea that will be able to attract a broad audience and work both on a small (local) or bigger (national) scale. I thought about a site for collaboration between creative types: artists, photographers, designers and writers (something like what I did at Trigger Magazine), but the idea is quickly spiraling and becoming more amorphous. I’m sure I to get more ideas and feedback in class.


3 responses to “Why would anyone want to start a media business?

  1. I really enjoy your writing and cant wait to see what you come up with. Just be careful — good ideas put out on the web for the world to see can be easily snitched away. I would hate for your brilliant ideas to make someone else the next mark zuckerburg 😉

    • Thank you and I know! I had the same thought. Unfortunately for this class, we’ve got to put them up! I’ll try to make sure they’re veiled enough I dont give it all away.

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