Millenials Gone Viral

Things just ain't what they used to be. Photo by George Eastman House.

A cheap way to market an idea and get people talking, viral videos are one quick way to get your business noticed. Next week, as part of the Entrepreneurial Journalism course, we will be creating a viral video with these folks from the Office Entertainment Network.

The theme for this video is a karate style how-to for professionals learning to deal with millenials in the work place. If you don’t know what a millenial is (don’t feel bad, I didn’t know either and apparently I am one) take a look at these riveting reports from the New York Times, CNN, and CBS. My favorite has to be the CBS article that claims we haven’t been taught how to use a fork and knife, and “If this generation knows anything, it’s that there are more jobs than young people to fill them.” Hm. Last I checked, our generation experienced worse unemployment than the boomers, but let’s not let facts get in the way of a good ol’ fashioned roast shall we? Get that pig on the fire.

See, parents who coddled their children and told them they could be anything they wanted to be didn’t realize this attitude might not pan out in the workplace. Now that they are looking for “real jobs” in cubicles, people are pissed. I agree somewhat. I’ve met hordes of late twenty-something oafs opening their little birdy mouths to mommy for a sandwich with the crust cut off (and by sandwich I mean rent, bills and some groceries). But it also sounds like belly aching. There are still plenty of young, smart, ambitious workers who know what it means to punch a time clock and work for minimum wage. If they know anything it’s that the American dream is dead, and they’ve got to work even harder to stay afloat on the shoddy life raft they’ve been left. I just hope employers can see there are still some of us willing to work for it.

Enough of my ranting, you came here to see viral videos. But what else was I gonna do with my Sunday night? Here are five viral videos that worked out pretty, pretty, pretty good:

1. Diet Coke and Mentos – These guys recreated the Bellagio fountain using two liter bottles of Diet Coke and Mentos, earning Coca-Cola millions.

2. Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer- Some videos don’t require math, physics or even any real planning, they just require sheer adrenaline.

3. Honda Accord – A Rube Goldberg project made entirely from a car.

4. Volkswagon – This kid finally learns how to use the Force.

5. Will It Blend? – YUM. Who doesn’t love the smell of mercury in the morning?


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