OPEN CALL: I need your photos


Pictures like this one are perfect.

Even if it's a little blurry. That's OK. We'll work with it.













Does this sound like you? You see someone walking down the street, on the subway, or sitting at another table in the room and you love what they are wearing. You desperately want to stop to ask them where they got it but maybe they look too busy or intimidating. Maybe you’re just too timid or scared.

If this does sound like you, next time, snap a photo and send it to me. I promise to help you figure out what they were wearing and spare you the time it would take to hunt it down online. Tweet submissions to @NinaFrazier or email to NinaFrazier AT 

So please, go. Snap, snap. Click, click. Why are you still reading this? Spring has sprung and there is a whole new seasons worth of fashions about to be bestowed upon us.

Tip: If you’re using an iPhone, you can take pictures of people on the sly by setting the volume down button to take a picture. Then just hold the phone to look like your talking on it when you’re actually snapping away. 


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